Machining technology is constantly evolving to meet the needs of increasingly complex industries. From aerospace components to construction equipment and oil and gas excavation, it is more important than ever to have machining service providers who avail themselves of the latest technology to ensure that their customers receive the highest quality solutions available.


At Avon Machining, we are committed to using cutting-edge equipment and techniques to ensure superior service quality, accuracy, and efficiency. In keeping with this philosophy, we are pleased to introduce a state-of-the-art Doosan MX2100 milling and turning center into our manufacturing fleet.


Our Doosan MX2100 Capabilities

The Doosan MX2100 is a high-performance opposing spindle 7-axis ATC milling and turning center featuring a B-axis that houses the milling spindle with +/- 120° of travel. Using the latest Marposs probe technology, the Doosan CNC machine is capable of continuous live measurement of the workpiece throughout the tooling process, ensuring exceptional precision within tight tolerances. Live tool holders with options for a 40 or 80 tool magazine offer full skiving capabilities, while the X1-axis glass scale with right- and left-synchronized spindles provides enhanced control over even the most detailed component designs.


The Doosan MX2100 turning center is extremely versatile, with a 10″ clamping capacity, 20″ diameter, and a bar-through-spindle maximum of 2.625″. The extreme accuracy and versatility of the Doosan milling machine allows for the production of a variety of precision components, including:

  • Input Shafts
  • Differential Housings
  • Turbine, Rotor, and PTO Shafts
  • Drive Hubs and Pinions


Benefits of Working with a Manufacturer Using Doosan Machinery

There are various advantages of Doosan brand machines. In the manufacturing industry, Doosan is synonymous with cutting-edge precision technology, and for good reason. Using the latest in smart technology and materials sciences, Doosan creates milling and cutting machines that outperform the competition in accuracy, speed, tool variety, rotational mobility, and live control.


When you choose a manufacturer who uses Doosan milling and cutting machines, you know that you are getting the best quality manufacturing in the industry. Manufacturers who invest in Doosan equipment are committed to staying current with the latest in machining technology, and with Doosan, they can create next-level components and products that exhibit outstanding detail and precision.


Superior Machined Products From Avon Machining

At Avon Machining, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive high quality tooling services with the utmost speed and efficiency. The addition of the Doosan MX2100 to our fleet allows us to further enhance our manufacturing services and offer even more solutions to our customers in precision engineering, aerospace, automotive, and other industries where detail and accuracy are paramount.


For more than 50 years, we have been providing our customers with superior quality machined parts. We are committed to continuous and innovative improvement, to ensure that we can meet our customers’ every need. To learn more about Avon’s quality machining solutions, visit our products Page or request a quote for your next project.

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