Splines are found in many common rotating mechanisms. They transfer an input’s rotary motion to an output mechanically using a splined shaft. This shaft typically has teeth equally spaced around its circumference and parallel to the rotational axis of the shaft. There are two types of common teeth: straight-sided forms and involute forms.

The external splined shaft connects with an internal spline in inverted spaces designed to fit the shaft’s teeth. The splined shaft’s rotational force is transferred to the internal spline, which will be some sort of rotary device such as a gear.

At Avon Machining, our shaping machines and state-of-the-art hobbing and cutting tools allow us to achieve external and internal spline connections that comply with stringent industry standards, such as NBN-DIN – BS-AGMA or NF. This applies to spline connections with involute flanks, as well as those with straight flanks.


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External spline teeth can be created using a variety of cutting processes, including hobbing, rack rolling, and shaper cutting. Internal spline teeth, on the other hand, are typically formed using broaching or shaping. Lubrication is critical for the operation of splines because inadequate lubrication causes wear and/or fretting. Long-term fretting can lead to corrosion. When properly lubricated, an appropriate oil flow both lubricates the splines and removes particles generated via fretting.

Our Mitsubishi ST40 machines have the latest in programmable helical guide technology. That means that any helix angle up to 45° can be cut on splines or gears without the need for dedicated tooling. This significantly reduces production costs, because dedicated tooling is very cost prohibitive. We manufacture splines up to 36 inches in diameter with shafts up to 52 inches in length.

Splines & Teeth from Avon Machining

There are several factors that make Avon Machining unique. In addition to our aggressive, can-do attitude, we have a wide variety of capabilities. We are fully backed by Speyside Equity, which has allowed us to continually set the bar in metal cutting technology while acquiring unique, advanced technologies that help us surpass all competition. Our equipment achieves tolerances and geometries that our competitors can’t match, enabling us to efficiently create precision parts at our facility in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Our company’s history dates back to 1974, so we have the experience needed to fulfill your metal cutting needs in a timely manner. We source our materials exclusively from reputable suppliers, allowing us to guarantee the integrity of the parts that we manufacture. In addition to the quality of our manufacturing processes, our customer service ensures your continued satisfaction in the event that you require additional post-order support.

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