Your equipment is running 24/7 and any lost time due to equipment component failure, not only could cost you lost revenue it could also cost you valuable perishable product inventory. We” live machining” and specialize in HEAVY DUTY Equipment components. Take the time to contact us so we can prove to you Avon Machining is the right choice. “We don’t dabble in machining……. WE LIVE IT”.

Avon Machining has provided the Agricultural industry with large and durable shafts, gears and housings since our inception in 1974. Throughout the years, we have invested in machinery and formed strategic partnerships to improve the service provided to our agricultural customers. With a wide range of in-house capabilities, we transform raw material into finished gears (planetary, sun, ring and water pump gears) and axle shafts in less time and in a wider range of sizes than our competitors.

Avon has the capacity to manufacture axle shafts up to 80 inches long and gears with a face width of up to 10 inches. Our 5-axis machining capability provides a unique advantage in supplying the Agricultural industry. For example, we have the only Mitsubishi GD-30’s that are modified to be able to produce gears down to 2 D.P. (12.7 mod).

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