The Construction and Mining Industries requires your equipment and components to be designed and manufactured to hold up in the harshest environments. You can’t afford to have equipment downtime due to component failure. If you are looking for a company that specializes in HEAVY equipment components that exceed the industry standards then you need to contact us. “We don’t dabble in machining…… WE LIVE IT”.

The Construction and Mining Industries have been working with Avon Machining for many years – relying on us to produce quality products, on time. With Mazak Integrex 1550 CNC equipment that can machine up to 60” (1525mm) in diameter, our staff has the machinery and expertise to provide these industries with large diameter shafts, and other large complex parts with tight tolerances. In fact, this 5-axis CNC equipment can perform multiple machining functions all in one chucking – providing unparalleled efficiency.

In addition, with many of the necessary machining and finishing processes available in-house, Avon’s customers save time by avoiding the transfer of parts between companies. Through familiarity with a variety of manufacturing processes, Avon’s staff is able to work with our customers to improve the manufacturability of products, increase efficiency, and save money.

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