Our customer designed a double helical idler gear containing crown, tip modification & grind tolerances as a mission critical part for a new truck line. This part was needed in volume production in 6 months to achieve program launch. The customer’s current suppliers were only quoting the part as a two piece laser welded design due to it’s complexity and the specific tolerance requirements. The customer was concerned with potential failure of the weld due to it being a high torque application.

That’s when Avon Machining was called in taking on the challenge to design an idler gear that could be manufactured as a single piece while maintaining the required tolerances.



We had a prototype in two months, that was not only durable, but it also saved 30% in piece cost over the two part welded design. Our new manufacturing process also cut lead times by 7 days.

Avon Machining was able to develop  and support volume production of this “insanely complex” part in just under 6 months.



“Many thanks from our entire NPI team for your key contributions to our successful build. Your support of this project and your ability to deliver on your commitments is greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with you on this and other projects in the future.”

“Please share this with everyone at your facility that worked so hard to ensure a successful launch of this project. They should be proud of their accomplishments!”
Global Purchasing – Transmission Business Unit

“Thanks again for your efforts yesterday on the idler gears on such short notice. Every person in this facility knows about these gears and pretty soon every person in this facility will know Avon Machining as well.”

Thanks in advance,
NPI Operations – Transmission Business Unit

“I REALLY appreciate the extraordinary efforts Avon Machining has given to these idler gears this week. The team recognizes the tremendous push you’ve made to bring these gears home. I’ve got a quote on my wall here…’Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.’ Really words to live by. Despite the challenges we’re all facing, you guys haven’t let me down yet…and I know your personal efforts behind the scenes are the only reason why. I thank you for that!”

NPI Operations – Drive Shaft Business Unit


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