When you or your customers’ equipment is down to component failure it can cost you millions of dollars in lost production. When your component supplier can’t or won’t expedite a replacement part that meets YOUR needs you should contact Avon Machining. We can provide the Oil & Gas industry with large capacity CNC machining that exceeds the capability of many so-called competitors. Avon has invested in new equipment that meets the specific demands of your industry. We know how to manufacture the products you need at the quality standards you require while utilizing LEAN manufacturing principles and processes. “We don’t dabble in machining……. WE LIVE IT”.

Avon Machining is uniquely suited to meeting the manufacturing needs of this industry. With a facility already equipped with a variety of the latest technology machines, and investors committed to seeking out new opportunities for growth, we can adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace. From gears and splines to large shafts, housings and valves, we can provide customers in the oil and gas industries with cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs.

Producing parts for large, high-tech drilling machinery is often beyond the capacity of typical CNC machine shops, but not for Avon Machining. Not only can we make the parts better, we can make them faster!

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