Who We Are

Avon is an established partner providing complex manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries in North America and beyond. We are known for creating medium to large-sized, complex, high precision parts while maintaining stringent quality standards, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. Avon will collaboratively engineer and provide innovative solutions transforming your concept to a reality. Our unique capabilities and delivered value are demonstrated time and again through repeat business with our long term customer base.

The Avon Machining Difference

Avon differentiates itself through its specialized capabilities, highly skilled personnel, and desire for continuous improvement. We employ a corporate strategy that allows us to hire and train the best machinists in the industry while investing in the newest, most sophisticated CNC equipment available in the marketplace. Additionally, we have formed strategic partnerships with our suppliers to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers. We are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of our processes and quality management system effectiveness.

Our Story

Formerly known as Avon Gear Company, we were founded in 1974. Avon Gear began manufacturing parts in a 10,000 sq ft facility located in Rochester, Michigan. As the business grew, so did the need for more space, relocating to a 60,000 sq ft building in 1996. In 2008, Avon Gear relocated once more to our current 110,000 sq ft facility located in Shelby Township, Michigan. In May 2017, Avon Gear’s assets were acquired, and the Company was renamed Avon Machining to continue to grow and expand the capabilities of the organization.

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Custom Parts

When you choose our team for your machining needs, you choose peace of mind knowing whatever the part, component, or complexity of of the order, Avon Machining is committed to providing quality on-time delivery that will meet or exceed your expectation.

Taking our Idea from Design to Production

No matter if your company is part of the heavy equipment, construction, mining, agricultural, or oil and gas industries, you need precision-made parts. From unique gears to custom shafts, our facility is able to make you the pieces you need, ensuring tight tolerances at every step.

Our team will first start by working to develop accurate designs and blueprints of your parts. This gives our machinists the direction they need to start the production machining process. We will then build a prototype of your design before beginning the main manufacturing run. By prototyping the piece first, we can ensure that it meets your quality tolerances and that it will work flawlessly for your company’s needs.

Contact us when you need custom-made high-quality machined parts. We proudly serve clients in Shelby Township, MI as well as across North America and beyond.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Avon Machining is committed to supporting responsible sourcing of conflict-free minerals. Our suppliers are required to certify that all materials used are conflict-free. We ensure that all of our materials have been sourced from reputable suppliers. This lets us guarantee the quality of the parts we make and assures you that they are not made using conflict minerals.

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