A wide range of mechanical devices rely on gears to function. As they support a broad variety of equipment types and sizes, the gears themselves must also be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and styles. When designing a gear there are many variables to consider, such as:

  • The specific gear function within its application
  • The operating environment of the equipment that will house the gear
  • Appropriate sizing for application and function
  • Transmission requirements
  • Balancing design standards and costs


Gear Capabilities

Avon Machining has extensive experience creating high-quality precision gears. Some of the most common gear types we produce include:

  • Spur Gears. This is the most common gear. Spur gears are mounted on parallel shafts, and they have straight teeth. They’re commonly used in a broad range of consumer products such as oscillating sprinklers, wind up alarm clocks, electric screwdrivers, washing machines, and clothes dryers.
  • Sun Gears. This is the central gear in an epicyclic gear train. The sun gear is fixed and the planet gears revolve around it.
  • Planet Gears. This refers to one or more outer gears of an epicyclic gear train. Planet gears roll around the sun gear.
  • Ring Gears. Also known as an annulus, these gears mesh with and bind the planet gears in an epicyclic gear train. They are often used in automotive and aircraft applications.
  • Helical Gears. The teeth on helical gears are cut on an angle in relation to the face of the gear. They are quieter and operate far more smoothly than spur gears. You’ll find helical gears in almost all car transmissions.
  • High Contact Ratio Gears (HCR). HCR gears are roughly three times stronger than standard gears. These gears always have two or three gear teeth in contact, which spreads the load across a greater area.


Industries Served

Many of the products and services consumers rely on every day are made possible with the use of gears. As such, gears are indispensable in such a broad range of industries that it would be impossible to list them all.

A few specific examples of sectors that use gears manufactured by Avon Machining include:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Heavy Truck
  • Construction & Mining
  • Agricultural
  • Oil and Gas


Gears from Avon Machining

Avon Machining is proud to produce the highest quality large precision gears on the market. All our gears are inspected to be sure they meet AGMA 2015 accuracy standards, and our products are subject to the rigorous quality standards defined by our IATF 16949 certification. We manufacture gears that range up to a 10-inch face width and a 36-inch pitch diameter. Our highly advanced machinery enables us to produce gears that go down to 2 D.P. (12.7 metric module).

We recently invested in four Mitsubishi ST40 gear shapers and a ZE40 Gear Grinder to increase our ability to meet consumer needs. We are committed to hiring the most experienced and skilled machinists and we have the partnerships and resources to facilitate continuous purchasing of the most sophisticated equipment available. These strategies help us maximize the precision and quality of our product.

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