Aerospace & Defense IndustryAvon Aerospace offers advanced technological solutions to the Aerospace and Defense industries, leveraging over 45 years of experience in procuring, engineering and machining high precision parts such as compression covers, gears, valves, housings and full assemblies. We have extensive experience machining Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Titanium with the highest quality possible. We make sure that each precision aerospace part is machined to exact specifications.

Avon’s large diameter CNC machining ability allows us to build parts up to 61” D. In addition, we can produce gears up to a 10″ face width and 36″ D, axle shafts up to 18″ D and 80″ L, splines up to 36″ D and 52″ L.

Avon has 110,000 ft2 of manufacturing space with over 100 machines devoted to a range of processes: turn, drill, hob, shape, high precision gear grind, balance and assembly.

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