A new customer to Avon Machining needed a rush order on two difficult gears in less than 1 week, due to a line down condition. They contacted our sales team to determine if we could help, because the current supplier was unable to produce the spline with a diametral pitch of 1.5 (17 mod).


Knowing the machine cycle time would exceed 20 hours, our setup team went to work installing modular fixturing prior to obtaining the material blanks. Simultaneously, our Engineering team created the program, process drawing and gear inspection requirements. This ensured the cycle started as soon as blanks arrived. Engineering and shop scheduling was adjusted to ensure 24-hour uninterrupted run time. Further, the strength of our supply chain partnership allowed us to bring in the required Sulphur-based cutting fluids to allow us to cut this course pitch with minimal wear to the customer’s tool.


We delivered 2 custom gears 48 hours from receipt of the order. Avon Machining saved the customer 3 days expected downtime – saving anticipated lost revenue of $24,000.


“Getting these HOT parts done while under the gun—a great job and many thanks to the Avon team!”

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