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Precision Parts Machining from Utica, MI

What makes Avon Machining unique, in addition to an aggressive can-do attitude, is the variety and extent of our capabilities. While the capabilities listed below exceed those of most companies in the marketplace, Avon refuses to stand still and instead continues to invest in the latest technologies to meet customer needs and new market opportunities.  Avon Machining is fully backed by Speyside Equity and has allowed Avon Machining to set the bar in metal cutting technology continually, and acquire unique capabilities to surpass the competition. Avon Machining has equipment that not only can do things our competitors can’t but also has the knowledge to do precision parts machining in Utica, MI more efficiently.

High Precision Gears

Avon Machining produces large precision gear, and all are inspected to AGMA 2015 and all products are held to rigorous quality standards per TS 16949. We can produce gears with up to a 10-inch face width and a 36-inch pitch diameter. With state-of-the-art machinery, Avon is also able to go down to 2 D.P. (12.7 module). Avon recently invested in four Mitsubishi ST40 gear shapers to further increase our competitive advantage. Some of the gears Avon provide include:

  • Sun Gears
  • Helical Gears
  • High Contact Ratio Gears (HCR Gears)
  • Spur Gears
  • Planet Gears
  • Ring Gears


In addition to gears and large precision gears,  Avon Machining provides both standard and helical splines. Our Mitsubishi ST40’s have the latest in programmable helical guide technology, which means that any helix angle up to 45 degrees can be cut on splines or gears without the need for expensive dedicated tooling. Our machinery can manufacture splines up to 36 inches in diameter, with shafts up to 52 inches in length.

Axle Shafts

Axle Shafts from Avon Machining can be up to 18 inches in diameter and 80 inches long. Steel axle shafts can be produced to bearing quality surfaces. For added peace of mind, our in-house inspection lab helps ensure that only high-quality shafts leave the facility.

Large Diameter CNC MachiningLarge Precision Gear Machining Utica, MI

Avon Machining has 21 large diameter CNC lathes in-house (ranging from 650mm-1550mm), and the largest diameter turning capacity in Michigan offering precision parts machining. The expertise of Avon’s employees coupled with a Mazak Integrex 1550 – one of only two in Michigan – to provide high quality, efficient machining. With its 5-axis capability, the Mazak Integrex 1550 can perform turning, drilling, milling and hobbing all in one. It can machine up to 72 inches in diameter and up to a 54-inch length of cut (z-stroke).

In addition to the Mazak Integrex 1550, Avon Machining is home to North America’s only Mazak Integrex 1060 with RamTech. This unique machine has a sub-spindle ram that allows it to perform internal milling and drilling work in large castings. This means we can now machine complex internal shapes or features that could not otherwise be produced or were not previously considered feasible. We can also perform deep hole boring on ram, which maintains tight internal tolerances and can be especially useful for thin wall applications.

Depending on customer needs, Avon also can do hard turning instead of grinding, yet achieve similar results. This equates to cost savings for the customer because it is more efficient.


Avon can provide housings up to 72 inches in diameter – suitable for almost any industrial application and large precision gear. An example of our competitive superiority in this product category is the ability to drill a 1” diameter hole 12” deep in 50 seconds. Also, three in-house balancing machines provide optimal performance. Some of the housing options from Avon Machining include:

  • Rotating HousingsPrecision Parts Machining Utica, MI
  • Lock Up Housings
  • Rotating Housings without Splines
  • Lock Up Torque Converter Housings
  • Large Clutch Housings
  • Clutch Housings with Splines
  • Standard Torque Converter Housings

Sub Assemblies

As part of our goal to meet customers’ needs in-house, Avon Machining provides a variety of sub-assemblies. Assemblies available from Avon Machining include:

  • Riveted Assemblies
  • Bolted Assemblies
  • Turbine Assemblies
  • Stator Assemblies
  • Laser welded Assemblies.


Expand your team with Avon Machining. From concept to production, we can provide a turn-key solution. We excel in initial collaboration to provide start-to-finish product management, and the depth of this staff includes an in-house transmission design engineer to help deliver value engineering expertise and advice. This collaborative approach to design for manufacturability reduces customer time and cost while maintaining the highest quality standards of precision gear.

Strategic Partnerships

Avon Machining can furnish a variety of services in-house to save our customers the time, hassle and expense that comes with transferring precision parts between multiple suppliers. For those services that Avon does not provide (such as heat treating and plating), we have long-standing relationships with companies that offer those capabilities. All of Avon’s partners perform the same level of quality certified work as Avon Machining itself. Instead of dealing with multiple companies, our customers have a single point of contact / Program Manager. For those customers that require it, Avon Machining also has strategic partnerships in low-cost countries, with quality validated by Avon’s in-house CMM inspection lab.