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Large Diameter Machining in Utica, MI

Avon Gear Case Studies


 Avon Machining has seen it all. We are here for your large diameter machining from Utica, MI, needs, with precision CNC machining gear for every situation. 

Speed to Market


A new customer to Avon Gear needed a rush order on two difficult gears in less than 1 week, due to a line down condition. They contacted our sales team to determine if we could help because the current supplier was unable to produce the spline with a diametral pitch of 1.5 (17 mod)

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New Product Launch

ChallengeSingle Piece Idler Gear

Our customer designed a double helical idler gear containing crown, tip modification & grind tolerances as a mission-critical part for a new truck line. This part was needed in volume production in 6 months to achieve program launch. The customer's current suppliers were only quoting the part as a two-piece laser-welded design due to its complexity and the specific tolerance requirements. The customer was concerned with the potential failure of the weld due to it being a high torque application.

That's when Avon Gear was called in taking on the challenge to design an idler gear that could be manufactured as a single piece while maintaining the required tolerances.

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